Human Care

In New Zealand, there are more cows than there are people – it’s almost 2:1. Our emphasis is on humane care, and our cattle are treated superbly.

rBST Free

rBST is a synthetic hormone used to produce more milk in dairy cows – we don’t support this, and our suppliers use only the natural goodness in our countryside to get the amazing milk in our bottles.

Grass Fed

Unlike much of the world, we have a perfect environment that lets cattle graze outside, all year round – 90% of the time (that other 10% is usually spent walking to & from the milking shed).


New Zealand is well known for being relatively free of GMO products, and we are happy to continue that tradition – there are no GMO in our milk, or anywhere on the way – it is simply soil, to grass, to cow, to you!

High Health Star Rating

And so, the end result is that we produce higher quality, healthier milk. None of our products fall below 4 stars. Now that’s worth talking about.

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